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Why choose a Driving School to learn driving-

Choosing a driving school is one way to help prepare yourself to be a safe driver. A beginner driver education program approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills and attitudes you need to be a safe and responsible driver. You may also be eligible to take your G1 road test sooner and save money on your insurance premiums. BDE course can only be taught by the Ministry approved schools. Not all driving schools offer government-approved courses. Look for schools that offer "MTO-approved beginner driver education courses" or "ministry-approved beginner driver education courses."


Why Choose Verma Driving School?


According to Ministry of Transportation, Key things you should look for, before deciding on which driving school you should go for-

Course information package- We teach the latest approved Curriculum by Ministry, which was approved and revised in 2021”. So we have all the latest information incorporated in our curriculum, related to traffic laws & rules. Our course incorporates the 30 hours online classroom instruction and 10 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.

Personalized program- For Incar lessons, we largely focus on the individual needs & tailor the lessons according to the skill level & the pace comfortable to the student. This helps the student to overcome his or her nervousness & become a confident driver. Being confident is half the battle won.

In-class topics covered- A general conception of the classroom sessions is that it is boring & at the same time useless, as one cannot learn driving by sitting in the class. At Verma driving School, we thrive to prove this statement incorrect. Being a safe and responsible driver takes a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude. We have designed the classroom curriculum to ensure we provide the knowledge by having full participation of the students. Our Classroom session incorporates more than 65% of the material in the form of student activities. Students are given a typical road situation posing an issue (related to the topic being taught). They need to provide an action plan to help solve the issue. This helps build their thinking & decision making skills, as well helps them gain the knowledge in the most fun, efficient & above all, in the safe environment of class, before sitting behind the wheel. Gaining Knowledge is half the battle won.

Our Curriculum is also highly based on defensive driving skills. One cannot avoid himself or herself from the risk of getting into collision by just ensuring that he or she is following rules & regulations. To ensure that the collision can be avoided, one needs to practice defensive driving skills, by being vigilant enough to observe the mistakes made by other drivers & take timely action. In our classroom session, we focus on these defensive driving skills for our students to gain the required knowledge.

In-vehicle topics covered- As mentioned earlier, we at Verma driving School, focus largely on the individual needs & skills & tailor the incar lessons accordingly, to speed up the learning process. Our incar lessons are not only focused on “WHAT” the student needs to learn & know to be a safe & defensive driver, rather they are also focused on “HOW” & “WHY” a particular manoeuvre should be done. Our Theory is- Knowledge is built & stays for long run, when one knows why he or she is doing a certain manoeuvre in a certain way, as oppose to just know what & how to do it. With the combination of tailored lessons & knowing the “What”, “How” & “When”, our students become confident & defensive drivers on the road much quicker. This also brings an added benefit of saving lots of money that they would have spent otherwise, to take extra lessons.


Course Fee- Our fee is comparative to many schools in the city, but our quality of service is exceptional, which can be verified by the testimonials we have on social media (Google, find a driving school, facebook etc).


Testimonials/References – Verma Driving School is the only school in Guelph with highest rating & maximum reviews. That speaks for itself. You can get all the reviews & testimonials for our school, from Google, Find a driving School & facebook.

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