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Our all in-car packages comes with free pick-up and drop off within City Limits

To provide you better quality of in-car training we have instructors who can provide one on one training instructions in English, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Dary, Farsi, Persian and Pashto. We also train our trainers on regular basis. All our in-car instructors are qualified, MTO approved licensee and use only dual brake, dual rear view mirror vehicles, as well they go through police clearance certification. We select best instructors to serve you! Initial registration and payment has to be done online (cash payments for initial registrations are NOT accepted)

NOTE- Please try to send your registrations in advance to avoid scheduling issues (as we get booked in advance).

Please review schedule carefully before accepting it. To cancel a driving lesson ,please notify the school via email, minimum 24 hours in advance. For any changes in drive test date and time, do advise with minimum 3 business days notice. If you miss a lesson or cancel with less notice, you will be charged extra for full lesson / test package cost. If the school needs to cancel or re-schedule lessons due to weather, other students conflicting road test schedule with your lesson or vehicle malfunction, we will provide as much notice in advance as possible depending on the situation. All services purchased, should be used within one year. Any left over service after a year, will be null and void, and will be non refundable. The school holds NO RESPONSIBILITY for any communications or services (extra practice lessons or road test package etc.) purchased/performed by the students directly with the instructor without the proper registration or communications through school (email, online or personal registration at school).

Our In-car training fee:- 

G2-90 min (1.5hr) in-car training (one session) $80.00

G2-2 hrs. in-car training (one session) $100.00

G2-3 hrs. & more in-car training $50.00 per hour

School car for G2 road test with warm-up practice lesson $140.00

G-90 min (1.5hr) in-car training (one session) $90.00

G (Highway)-2 hrs. in-car training (one session) $110.00

G-3 hrs. & more in-car training $55.00 per hour

School car for G road test with warm-up practice lesson $155.00

We also provide other services, such as:

Seniors Training

Mock up road test evaluation

Driver Improvement Training

Note:- HST is applicable on all fee

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