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(Beginner Driver Education) BDE Course

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Q: What is BDE course?

Answer:BDE Course is Beginner Driver Education Course.


Q: What is the benefit of taking BDE driving course from Verma Driving School?

Answer: Verma Driving School provides ministry approved courses (BDE).

As an MTO Approved course provider, you will be eligible to decrease your wait time for a G2 test from 12 months to 8 months

Insurance discount may apply.

Note- You get to go for your G2 test within 8 months of your G1, ONLY if you have finished your BDE course before that and the MTO has issued you the certification. Also keep in mind, the drive test centers are booked 1-2 months in advance. So if you plan on getting a test date exactly 8 months after your G1, You should target to finish the full BDE course within 6 months of your G1 issue date.

Pick up and drop off for in-car training anywhere within the Guelph and Tri City region

High success rate for passing the road test in first attempt.


Q: What is the age requirement to take the course?

Answer: A valid G1 license is not required to start in-class training therefore a student can start the course before turning 16 (minimum of 15 and 10 months).But a Student must have a valid G1 license to start any in-car training.

Q: How much does a full course cost?

Answer: Please refer to the course and fee page.


Q: What happens if I am unable to take the course after I have registered?

Answer: Please contact Verma Driving Schools at 519-419-1414. Please note that 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change in-car lessons.


Q:How can I pay?

Answer: You can pay by Etransfer for the deposit and remaining you can pay by etransfer or cash.


Q: What does the full course consist of?
Answer: Our full course consists of 20 hours of classroom instructions, 10 hours of in-car training and 10 hours homework.


Q: Can I start the course without my G1?

Answer: You can start the course without your G1, but you must have your G1 by the time you are ready to start your in-car driving lessons.


Q: How long do I have to complete the entire course? 

Answer: The course must be completed within 12 months of starting date, as per the MTO requirements. But as explained above- If you want to go for your G2 test within 8 months of your G1, you should finish the full BDE course within 6 months of your G1 issue date. 


Q: Do I have to finish all my classes?

Answer: Yes, it is mandatory for students to complete their 20 hours of classroom instructions, 10 hours of in-car training and 10 hours work book (home link) in order to get certified.


Q: Do I have to do all of my homework?

Answer: Yes, in order to pass the MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education course you must complete all your assignments. 


Q: How long do I have to start my car training apart from the class time?

Answer: The first in-car training session must be completed no later than 8 weeks after the completion of Online classroom portion, for acknowledgment by the MTO.


Q: Can I take all 10 hours of in car training in one day?

Answer: No. The minimum for a lesson is 1 hour, and maximum is 2 hours of in-car training within a 24-hour time period.


Q: Where will I get picked up for my in-car lessons?

Answer: Instructors will pick you up from your home(within city limits) and drop you back there once the in-car lesson will be completed. If you have a preferred alternate location, speak to your instructor about it and they may be able to work something out if that is not his/her out of reach area. 

Note- The pick and drop off has to be within the same city. Which means, if the pick up is from Guelph, then drop off cannot be in Kitchener, unless additional charges are paid. You can be picked and dropped off from the Tri city (but both pick and drop off has to be in the same city)..


Q: How many people will be in the car?

Answer: The in-car lessons are one-on-one (just you and the instructor).

Q: When and how do I receive my certificate?

Answer: The certificate, which is known as-The Driver’s License History (DLH) provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion." and "BDE Graduates with a Driver’s License History may be eligible for an insurance discount. You need to collect the DLH from any service Ontario location, after you receive the course completion email from Verma Driving school.


Q: How much Discount will I get on my Insurance with the certification?

Answer: Insurance discounts may vary from student to student, as it depends upon lot of variables like: insurance companies, your driving record, your age, city where you live, type of car, gender etc.

Your Insurance Company or agent can tell you more in detail.

Q: Are your instructors certified and have a valid instructor license?

Answer: Yes, all our instructors are certified and have valid instructor licenses.