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Terms and Conditions For BDE Course

01. I certify that the statements in this registration form are accurate and consent to the release of any information contained herein to the Ministry of Transportation, Insurance Bureau of Canada and the MTO Course Inspector.


02. To be certified: You must successfully complete the entire course, consisting of 20 hours in-class, 10 hours student work book and 10 hours in-car lessons within 8 months. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule in car session with the school.


03. Must bring your MTO approved driving hand book in class.


04. Road test price is not included in BDE course fee.


05. The school has right to cancel or re-schdeule the class room session with 24 hours notice posted on the school web site. It is the responsiblity of the students to visit the webiste for most update informations/cancellation/notices. Full deposit will be refunded to the student, if student is not interested in any of the new schedules posted on the school website. 


06. The student must  read, understand and agreed to school policy.


I have read and understood the above contract terms and conditions. I agree to abide by them.



                                       School Policy


Successful completion of the BDE course means:


Classroom: 20 hours minimum

You must complete all classroom hours in sequence. You must make up any class room session missed, before moving on to the next class room session. Additional fee is applicable.


You need to score a minimum of 75% in each class room test to pass/successfully complete classroom session. If you do not pass the classroom exam, you may rewrite the exam. You can rewrite the exam a maximum of two times. If still you are unable to pass the exam, you need to re-register for the same class room session.Fee may apply.


In-Vehicle: 10 hours minimum

You must complete all 10hrs of your incar training to successfully complete in-car sessions.

You will need to demonstrate the ability to drive independently without any unsafe actions. Which means, you need to score minimum 75% in the incar evaluation test (Mock up test) If you are unable to meet the standard,  you need more practice, before a 2nd attempt of evaluation test can be done. The 2nd evaluation needs to be paid extra for the extra hour (Not part of the course fee). You may buy  practice  hours from school, if needed.


Each session will be 2 hours long and timing of in-car training will be between 9:00am to 3:00PM Monday to Friday.

To cancel a driving lesson, please notify your instructor 24 hours in advance. If you miss a lesson or cancel  with less than 24 hours notice , you will be charged extra for full lesson cost.


Flexible Hours: 10 hours Homework

The students need to complete & score minimum 75% in their homework assignment. The homework needs to be completed before the last classroom session.

You must complete the full course within 12 months of your course start date (Incar or inclass start date, whichever comes first), to be able to get your course successfully completed.


If for any reason you do not complete the course within 12 months of start date, the certification cannot be completed.  It becomes null & void.


Refund Policy

Registration fee  paid at time of registration will ONLY be refunded if student made cancellation within 24 hours of registration. No refund of registration fee will be provided if the cancellation is done after 24hrs of the registration.


For those students who leave the course in between, No refund will be issued in any circumstances (Registration fee as well any other fee already submitted), once class room or in-car session has started. 


Please Note

The  school holds NO RESPONSIBILITY for any services (extra practice lessons or road test package etc.) purchased by the students directly from the instructor without the  proper registration through school (online or personal registration at school).

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