Our all in-car packages comes with free pick-up and drop off within Guelph, Ont. City Limit

To provide you better quality of in-car training we have both male and female instructors who can provide one on one training instructions in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Persian and Pashto. We also train our trainers on regular basisAll our in-car instructors are qualified, MTO approved licencee and use only dual brake, dual rear view mirror vehicles, as well they go through police clearance certification. We select best instructors to serve you!

5 Hours In-Car Training package: Fee $250.00 including tax (Easy Payment Option)

Recommended for drivers with little on road experience, decision making, passing control / uncontrolled intersection, refresher on parking skills and getting preparation for driving road test.


Fee:- $100.00 deposit with online registration. 

          $150.00 on 1st in car training lesson.

Pay by etransfer, cash, visa, mastercard and paypal.

NOTE:- Add car for road test at discounted price of $115.00

What happens after you submit online registration:-


Our school coordinator will review your information and your availability, plan your training schedule and update you your schedule on email for your review, within 24 to 48hrs of receiving the registration/from your last lesson. If any day or time does not fit your schedule, let us know by replying to the email & we will reschedule your lesson. 


NOTE: For any cancellations of In-car lesson schedule from your end, we need minimum 24hrs notice to avoid penalty of full lesson cost.  

To avoid any conflicts or errors, any queries,/changes &/or updates regarding the student's lesson, should be communicated by the student directly to the school via email, as Verbal communications between the student & instructor/school coordinator can be easily missed or misinterpreted.

The fee paid for services not used within one year of the registration, will also be null and void. 

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